Why is Teaching Practice included in teachers training course?
Teaching Practice is most important component of any teachers’ training course as it helps the teachers in gathering real classroom experience and be a confident teacher.

What are the eligibility criteria for ESL Teaching Practice course?
Teachers having a TEFL or TESOL certificate (Online/In class) or teachers having 6 months teaching experience can join the course.

What are the eligibility criteria for Online TESOL Hybrid course?
If you are passionate about teaching English worldwide, you are eligible to do the course.

Why is exclusive teaching practice course important?
Teaching practice is important for all teachers’ training course and the exclusive course helps teachers with no experience to gain confidence in class. Teachers who are eager to gain classroom management skill can also do the teaching practice course.

Is Teaching Practice course for fresher?
Teaching practice is for fresher who have already successfully completed TESOL or TESOL course. Teachers who do not have a TEFL course need a 6 months teaching experience to join this course.

Is TEFL Hybrid course for fresher?
Yes, it is absolutely for a fresher. No prior experience or teaching degree is required to do this course.

In what kind of schools shall we teach during the course?
We try to give our candidates a chance to teach in various institutes. It can be in a school, preschool, language institute or even college.

Can experienced teachers join this course?
Sure. Experienced teachers can join this course for value addition. It is a perfect opportunity to learn something new and brush up teaching skills.

What resources shall I get during the Teaching Practice course?
Candidates opting for teaching practice course will get a Pre Course Material. They will also get study materials in class.

What resources shall I get during the TEFL hybrid course?
During TEFL Hybrid course, the teachers will get 80 hours TEFL course material online and handouts in the classroom

How many days are there in the Courses?
For both the courses, candidates have to spend 5 days in Thailand. For TEFL Hybrid Course, the candidates have to complete 80 hours TEFL Course before coming to Thailand.

Would I get a certificate at the end of the course?
Yes. After successful completion of the course, all our candidates are awarded a certificate.

Will you provide accommodation during the course?
Yes. We provide accommodation during the course. The accommodation is provided at cheapest cost possible.

Where is the location?
The courses are offered in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

Are there any pre course material?
Yes, both the courses have Pre Course Material, which the teachers need go through before coming to Thailand for the classroom training.