How a Teaching Practice Certificate can help

A Teaching Practice Certificate not only adds value to your qualification but it helps you land the better job. It prepares you first for the interview because you know what happens and works in the classroom and secondly it prepares you for your job.

The certificate is a proof of your experience in class. It also reflects the fact that the teacher is capable of planning and executing ESL lessons effectively. The fact that you have been through a teaching practice session shows that you are aware of how to write lesson objectives, what are qualifying objectives and how to plan for anticipated problems. It also reflects the teacher’s ability to profile a class and address needs. The certificate is a testimony to the fact that the teacher is able to reflect on his/her teaching and evaluate strengths and areas that need improvement. The teaching practice certificate is also a proof that you have acquired classroom management skills. The fact that the teacher understands communicative language learning and teaching techniques and processes and can incorporate the same in practice. This in turn will give you the advantage of being placed and acquiring a teaching position over people with just an online certificate or with no training at all.

Like all other certificates from American TESOL Institute the teaching practice certificate is also valued and acknowledged. ATI is a leading international teacher training organization in the world of TEFL. Over the years teachers trained by ATI through its in class, online and combined courses have placed innumerable teachers in several thousand schools across the world. ATI’s TESOL program is respected and recognized because we lay a lot of emphasis on teaching practice. We believe that no teacher training is complete without extensive experience on the classroom. Therefore a teacher training certificate from ATI will open more doors and avenues for those who take the course.

Our knowledge of theories and principles helps us to understand the why of teaching But unless we put that knowledge to practical use we don’t fully grasp why we are doing what we are doing. Your Teaching practice certificate will add value to your qualification and effectiveness as a teacher.