The TEFL Hybrid Course is divided into two parts. Part one is 80 hours Online TESL Course, which the candidates need to complete from their home or while teaching. The second part is the Course on Teaching Practice in Thailand.

The Course on Teaching Practice is a five days training program for teachers who are eager to sharpen their teaching skills. After completing 5 days of training, the teachers are ready to take any ESL teaching assignment in Thailand or anywhere worldwide. The candidates are given a pre- course material to study once they sign up for the course. Accommodation of 6 nights is provided to the candidates by American TESOL Institute for a very economical value.

Although, the duration of the course is not very long, it deals with the very basics of Teaching Practice extensively and gives teachers a chance to teach in various classes, 4 out of 5 days course. The Teaching practice sessions during the course is organized in various schools of Thailand. The focus of teaching practice is on teaching English as second language.

The 5 days duration is perfect for teachers who are already working in any school or institute as they will not have to take a leave for many days. As the course is held in Bangkok, teachers can also utilize a few days after or before the course to relax, shop and travel.

ESL teachers can plan to start the course anytime during the year and attend the teaching practise module in Bangkok.

You can even start with the basic online lesson and attend the TEFL teaching practise module and complete the balance 80 hrs online course while teaching in a school. It’s not always necessary to complete the 80 hrs online course first to attend the TP module, check program details for more on this.

Dates for both Certificates in Teaching Practice & TESOL Hybrid Course

22nd Feb- 27th Feb 2015
17th May-22nd May 2015
23rd Aug-28th Aug 2015
8th Nov-13th Nov 2015
13th Dec-18th Dec 2015