The candidates of the teaching practice Course are evaluated on the below mentioned points. Effective feedback is given to the candidates by the trainers after each lesson. Certificate is awarded to the students at the end of the course. During the Teaching Practice Course the main importance is given on classroom teaching in various institutes like preschools, middle schools, technical institutes, colleges and language training institutes.

• Lesson observation in various institutes by our trainers followed by effective feedback.
• Interaction with the students in class during teaching practice
• Lesson planning for the teaching practice sessions
• Teachers have to prepare good teaching materials for the class
• Attire when teaching at the schools has to follow the strict American TESOL Institute guidelines.
• Handling difficult situations in class in an important point for teacher’s evaluation.
• Personal qualities of the teachers in the classroom is one of the most important points considered by teachers during evaluation.

The candidates of TESOL Hybrid Course are evaluated on the similar points as the students of Teaching Practice course mentioned above. Apart from these, the candidates will also have to submit an assignment to the trainer after reading the Pre Course Study Material.