The Certificate in Teaching Practice course is a 5 days program. Pre course study material is given to the candidates once they enrol for the course.

Online TEFL course of 80 hours

TEFL course
The students are given access to study material of 80 hours TEFL course once they sign up for the course. There is an assignment at the end of the study material. Teaching practice dates are available through out the year in Bangkok.

Areas covered in the program:

Classroom Management:
• Know your role in the school
• Punishment
• Illness
• Disaster management
• Co-workers/co-teachers
• Cultural differences
• Special needs students
• Administration
• Things that hinder classroom management:
• Ideas for CM for Teens/Young Adults
• First day of teaching
• Large classes
• Mixed ability classes
• Discussion based on a problem situations in class

Maintaining Teacher Portfolio:
• What is a portfolio?
• Importance and purpose
• Documents and their objectives,
• Different types of portfolio,
• TP portfolio

Lesson planning and testing:
• Goals and objectives
• Stages of a lesson

Preparation for TP:
• Writing a lesson plan
• Creating relevant material
• Collaborating with peers

* All participate needs to attend the teaching practice modules without fail to get 120 hrs TEFL Course