American TESOL Institute’s online TEFL Hybrid Course is the mixture of online TEFL course and teaching practice (TP). It offers the best of both worlds since it provides an opportunity to aspirants to pursue the course from the comfort of their homes while also giving them a scope to practice the knowledge they gained during the course.

The online TEFL Hybrid course comprises of 80 hours of online TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) training. Aspirants can reap the benefit of doing this course from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Aspiring ESL teachers can start the program anytime during the year and attend the teaching practice module in Bangkok. We have dates all year round for TEFL Teaching Practice.

You can even start with the basic online lesson and attend the TEFL teaching practise module and complete the balance 80 hrs online course while teaching in a school. It’s not always necessary to complete the 80 hrs online course first to attend the TP module, check program details for more on this.

The candidates are given an exclusive opportunity to practise teaching in Bangkok (Thailand) for five days. The teaching practice in Thailand is the most convenient way of experiencing the method of teaching English to people from different linguistic, regional and social backgrounds.

The online TEFL Hybrid Course is the perfect choice for amateurs with no prior experience and also for those to understand and appreciate the feel of teaching English in foreign nations. Check more on eligibility.