School Interview and Demo Class

Facing interview can be daunting for a first timer as well as those who are veterans. However, the unpredictability of the situation diminishes with prior preparation - with the expected questions as well as the materials required for a demonstration.

Usually interview questions revolve around the candidate’s knowledge and beliefs as well as grasp of the subject content. These may test your learning and teaching strategies as well as knowledge of basic functioning of the school and to be more specific, classroom management.

Certificate in Teaching Practice prepares you for these eventualities

step-by-step and helps you to be mentally prepared with the anticipated questions and also be prepared with the materials. The in-class preparation gives you an exposure to how to be organized and effectively use resources – material as well as time.

The course is designed to bring clarity of concept to those who do not have any experience of teaching in schools. To those who are active teachers, it gives more insight into an ESL class and how to use the four skills of listening, speaking , reading and writing to maximize the effective learning outcome in communicative approach.
The instructions and video lessons sent as Pre-course material prepares the trainees amply before they join the in-class program. Whatever doubts or questions that they may have, are answered by the trainers in the in –class sessions. The first session of the 5days in-class program discusses in details the importance of classroom management skills –beginning with the advantages of having correct seating plan as well as maximizing the utilization of materials and time, and the correct body language to face the students, are all demonstrated .

This is followed by in-class training that translates into practice all the theories of teaching .The practice teaching is observed by an expert , whose constructive feedback goes a long way in preparing a teacher for any Demo Lesson in a real interview.

The practice teaching prepares for the skills required in Communicative Language teaching- and the content lessons are applicable for all age groups, intermediate as well as adults. The classroom practice of the Basic, Listening and Reading lessons cover all the skills required in a Communicative English language class and well prepare a trainee to confidently teach in a demo-class with not only the lesson content but also materials.