ESL Teaching Practice Certification - Dates

The Course on Teaching Practice is a five days training program for teachers who are eager to sharpen their teaching skills. After completing 5 days of training, the teachers are given the certificate. The candidates are given a pre- course material to study once they sign up for the course. Accommodation of 6 nights is provided to the candidates by American TESOL Institute for a very economical value.

Although, the duration of the course is not very long, it deals with the very basics of Teaching Practice extensively and gives teachers a chance to teach in various classes, 4 out of 5 days course. The Teaching practice sessions during the course is organized in various schools of Thailand. The focus of teaching practice is on teaching English as second language.

The 5 days duration is perfect for teachers who are already working in any school or institute as they will not have to take a leave for many days. As the course is held in Bangkok, teachers can also utilize a few days after or before the course to relax, shop and travel.

Dates for both Certificates in Teaching Practice & TESOL Hybrid Course

22nd Feb- 27th Feb 2015
17th May-22nd May 2015
23rd Aug-28th Aug 2015
8th Nov-13th Nov 2015
13th Dec-18th Dec 2015

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