ESL Teaching Practice Certification - Project Details

The Certificate in Teaching Practice course is a 5 days program. Pre course study material is given to the candidates once they enroll for the course.

• We will send the trainees a video of the lesson demos for both Basic and Receptive.
• The lesson steps in detail in a PDF will be sent to them so they can follow along as they watch the videos.
• We will also send them a materials needed list as well. This will allow them to see the lessons being taught the proper way.

Day 1:
Classroom Management:
• Know your role in the school
• Punishment
• Illness
• Disaster management
• Co-workers/co-teachers
• Cultural differences
• Special needs students
• Administration
• Things that hinder classroom management:
• Ideas for CM for Teens/Young Adults
• First day of teaching
• Large classes
• Mixed ability classes
• Discussion based on a problem situations in class

Maintaining Teacher Portfolio:
• What is a portfolio?
• Importance and purpose
• Documents and their objectives,
• Different types of portfolio,
• TP portfolio

Lesson planning and testing:
• Goals and objectives
• Stages of a lesson

Preparation for TP:
• Writing a lesson plan
• Creating relevant material
• Collaborating with peers

Day 2 to Day 5 - Teaching Practice

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