Why ESL Teaching Practice Certification

American TESOL Institute appreciates the desire of many TEFL and TESOL certified teachers to gain expertise before they can plunge in the competitive job market and has introduced the ESL Teaching Practice Certification. Amateurs without any prior experience stand to get the most out of this certification course by utilizing and applying the theoretical knowledge into practice. It is essential for an ESL teacher to understand the difficulties of teaching English as a foreign language to people of different linguistic, regional and social backgrounds and first-hand experience the thrill of teaching students and trainees and to fully appreciate the hassles an ESL teacher has to overcome in order to teach English as a second language.

ESL Teaching Practice Certification provides an edge to candidates over others in the ESL job market. A lot of job openings are available only to candidates with prior experience and this Certification can easily smooth the way to these job openings thereby, increasing the chances of getting lucrative job offers. Furthermore, the ESL Teaching Practice Certification adds greater value to a resume and helps in increasing one’s remuneration package.

In the ESL Teaching Practice Certification, one gets an opportunity to relive all the theories and gain a practical approach to teaching. A teacher learns to apply the observation, analytical and evaluation skills and methods and learn the techniques of teaching by incorporating scientific and innovative methods.

American TESOL Institute’s ESL Teaching Practice Certification is ideal for teachers with no prior working experience. It helps a teacher to communicate with the students and learn the ways of getting the students rid of their inhibitions and provide the students an opportunity for active participation. The trainee teachers in this Certification course develop the appropriate ways of giving feedback to the students. This course not only helps a teacher to try out the different methods of teaching but also imbibes a lot of confidence and motivation in a teacher.

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