Why Schools look for experienced Teachers?

Teaching is considered to be a skill, if so then no amount of knowledge or information will be enough to make one an effective teacher. Online programs most definitely apprise you of all the theories and principles of learning and teaching and how they have evolved over the year. An online teacher training course can also tell you about educational psychology and how students’ attention and interests are influenced. They also give you information on the importance of classroom management, motivation and how to plan lessons. But what they fail to do is actually demonstrating how all this is implemented and executed. A first hand experience of a class is missing in an online program.

It does not matter how expensive a training course one has attended or hoe extensive it was, actual training starts when you face a classroom. It is a lifelong process and the more practical application of all things learned you have the better is your skill. Therefore no training is complete or effective without a practicum. Every class is unique and therefore to understand the demands of a class you need to be in one.

We constantly learn from observing others. An online program is pretty much isolated. There is no interaction with tutor or peers. During teaching practice and later teachers are constantly observing peers and this enhances their own learning and teaching skills. This is a very important component to teaching. In real time teaching teachers have to collaborate and cooperate. A teacher does not function in isolation. Teaching is a collaborative effort. Therefore interacting with others, adjusting to various personalities, holding your own are all important job skills that teachers need to have and this is not possible in an online teacher training program.

Learning occurs best in a conducive environment. A computer cannot replace the exchange of ideas, opinions, discussions that takes place in a classroom. Therefore an online program no matter how well designed cannot be as enriching as an in-class experience. Teaching is a collective effort. The teaching practice course objective is to provide this experience.

Instant clarifications and doubts are only possible in an in-class program. Although online courses have tutor support but the guidance and learning that takes place face to face is a lot more enriching.