What you learn in a Teaching Practice Certificate

Teaching Practice Certificate is primarily aimed at bringing in exposure to teaching in Asian schools .This short and effective training prepares them with tactics and materials to face the demo interview in schools as well as be prepared with the first few days in school, incase a structured curriculum is missing.

The pre- course reading material includes videos of lesson demonstrations for the Basic lesson ( can be used at all levels elementary, intermediate as well as adults ) and the Receptive lessons on listening and reading skills , that are suitable for intermediate as well as advanced language learners. The lesson steps in detail in a PDF will be sent to them so they can follow the lesson as they watch the videos.

The in-class material for the course comprises of a Course Book and a Work book.

The in-class schedule will be as follows:
Day 1: 1st Half of the day has inputs on :

Classroom management very important for a teacher who is being exposed to a culturally different environment for the first time. If not an active teacher, then the teacher needs to know how to deal with administrative as well as behavior management issues in classroom.

Portfolio maintenance prepares the trainee with the much required organizational skills with materials and lesson plans.

2nd half of the day focuses on the hands –on experience:
Lesson planning and preparing for the Teaching Practice. The trainer helps to plan a detailed lesson plan that is to be used in class, with focus on teacher activity, student response as well as any anticipated problems that may arise out of the situation.

Day 2 to Day 5 (04 days) primarily focuses on the teaching experience and exposure in an Asian school . The trainees get to have a feel of a real ESL class and learn how to deal with the language learning problems that are part and parcel of everyday ESL class.

The different types of lessons that are covered are:
Basic lesson (02)
Listening Lesson (01)
Reading lesson (01)

The trainees are assisted by the trainers for planning the lessons and all the teaching practice sessions are observed by experienced observers who would give constructive feedback after each and every practice teaching class.
The Teaching practice Certificate prepares the trainees for an experience to take on the challenges of an ESL class anywhere across the globe.