Why Schools look for experienced Teachers?

Teaching is a skill and therefore more practical experience that one gathers greater the ability to be effective in class. Teaching does not involve conveying subject matter alone it is a highly interactive and dynamic field. There is a lot that happens in class which is beyond content. Although we use the collective term ‘class’ to for a group of students but they are all individuals in that group with diverse interests, backgrounds, needs and expectations. Only an experienced teacher is able to understand this and design his or her lessons accordingly. An experienced teacher has the ability to perceive behavior changes, lack of interests and analyze these to make an impact.

Classroom management is the greatest challenge that teachers face. Novice teachers struggle to find a balance between not antagonizing students and at the same time maintaining discipline in class. What does one do with tardiness, truants, isolates, defiance, lack of motivation and innumerable other issues related to teaching? This cannot be taught in a session or a course because all teacher training courses are based on general theories and explanations. But each class is different and to understand this difference and act accordingly takes experience of being there in the classroom.
There are many unexpected situations that occur in school which is nearly impossible to prepare for during a training program. Only an experienced teacher is able to handle these situations with a cool and calm disposition. There could be physical injury to students, ill health, natural disasters, emotional issues which only an experienced teacher can understand, analyze and act upon. The teacher has multiple riles to play therefore without experience this is not possible. Teaching is a community skill and calls for people management skills. Only an experienced teacher can be expected to possess this skill. If a teacher panics or becomes nervous then he/she will be unable to play the role of a responsible adult in that situation. Therefore schools always rely on a teacher’s years of experience. Teachers are also evaluated and valued for their experience. In fact a school may prefer a teacher with experience but less qualification than a highly qualified teacher with no experience.

Ax experienced teacher is aware of the important components of a lesson and how to strike a balance between rigidity and flexibility? When to be lenient and when to be strict? Therefore it is just not about the knowledge of the subject taught but other factors that constitute the classroom environment.

The schools have the interest of the student upper most on their agenda. Their reputation and creditability rests on the students and parents feedback and satisfaction. Therefore the school is interested in hiring experienced teachers who will be able to meet the expectations of the parents who in turn are influenced by the expectations of the society at large.